Knights Knews – 3/22/20

This week at our Knights meeting the guys did it again. The Knights approved the following 1)To fund VBS this summer at St Sebastian for $1,600.00 2)To fund the St Sebastian Picnic Aug 16th for $3,000.00 3)To sent $500.00 to the Allegan Right to Life 4)To send the Help Pregnancy Crisis center $500.00, plus delivery $1,300 worth the diapers and baby supplies 5)To purchase $1,000.00 for winter Coats for the COATS FOR KIDS PROGRAM. Thank you Brothers, you guys are AMAZING.

The Knights are still in the Christmas Spirit. God Bless you BROTHERS. A special note to Sophia Feldpausch. She won the Knights keep Christ in Christmas poster contest for the whole State of Michigan. She now moves on to the Knights National Contest!!Great job, future lady knight!

Due to the Coronavirus, the Knights had to cancel the St Patrick’s Day party and also the March 29th Knights Buffet Anyone that purchased tickets for the dance please text, call or email me for your refund. I am so sorry.

Also the Knights have started a new committee. It’s called the Knights Kare. The Knights are willing to pickup your groceries, or take you to your doctor appointment. We are at your service. If you or someone needs help, please let us know. I know our St Sebastian Family is very proud and we usually won’t ask for HELP. Please, please ask us. We serve one Lord, and the Lord is calling the Knights to help OTHERS.

This past weekend I felt lost because Mass was cancelled. I needed something so me and Vicky came to church Saturday about 4:45pm. I felt I needed to be fed. Msgr. Bill greeted us a usual. We prayed for quite a while and we read the readings. One of my readings was “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.” We pray that prayer every week at Mass. Do we really forgive those that trespass against us? I was caught guilty here. I haven’t forgiven a good friend that did me wrong. If I can’t do that, why should God forgive me? In the book of Matthew chapter 7:2, Jesus says “For as you judge, so will you be judged.” If we want God to forgive our sins, we first must first forgive those that have sinned against us. As we continue through this Lenten season who do we need to forgive? Let us remember that Jesus Christ laid down his life to save us from our sins. Let us Pray and follow Christ lead, and forgive those we need. I bet that will feel really good. God bless you and stay healthy!


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