Knights Knews – 8/25/19

The Knights will have a table in the back of Church for the Dismemberment Abortion Petition Drive. We will have them in the Narthex this weekend after each Mass. The Knights have supported every Pro-Life initiative since 1972. If you are a registered voter in Michigan, we ask that you please help us and sign this petition. GOD BLESS!!!!! Here are a couple of big dates and events the Knights have coming up. Please mark your calendars.

• Sept 12: Knights 1st Degree for new Knights 6:00pm at the Hall

• Sept 12: Our Knights meeting and picture for the St Sebastian Directory 7:00pm. KNIGHTS PLEASE BE THERE!!

• Sept 15: Knights Golf Outing Glen Eagle (Couples)

• Sept 29: Knights Breakfast Buffet

• Oct 10: Knights meeting 7:00pm

• Oct 12: Beer & Wine & Silent Auction: 6:00pm, MUST BE OVER 21. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS PLEASE!!

• Nov 14: Knights meeting 7:00pm • Dec 7: Knights Christmas party in the Hall starting at 6:00pm (Couples)

• Dec 8: Knights Breakfast Buffet— St Nick is in the House with goodies for ALL THE KIDS!!!!! (IF YOU HAVE BEEN GOOD!)

As our Summer is coming to an end. The Knights will really start getting busy again. I want to thank ALL 157 men that are KNIGHTS. They have given a lot of time and their talents. Brothers, thank you!!!!!! I appreciate you guys more and more every day. God has blessed our Church, and these leaders of men have done so much this year. Jesus Christ gave his life for ALL OF US!!!! I feel you men have also sacrificed so much and gave for ALL. I TRULY LOVE YOU MEN!!!


Mark Boillat, Grand Knight 616-437-3675 |

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