Knights Knews – 7/28/19

KNIGHTS KNEWS This past week the Knights did a working bee for a lady fighting cancer and losing her eyesight. We are so BLESSED!!!!!!! Eighteen guys showed up over two days in the 94 degree heat. They cut trees, trimmed bushes, cleaned gutters, put up a new mail box, weeded and put down eight yards of mulch. They also worked on her patio and cut her grass. She was so THRILLED. This is what the Knights do: Charity, Charity and more! I know there are more situations where a parishioners need help. Please let a Knight know, or please let me know. The Knights are here to help.

Calling ALL SOCCER PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!! We need you! Aug 4th at the Church Picnic the Knights have a Soccer Challenge for all kids 9 – 14 years old. Winners from St. Sebastian’s will go on to Districts, Regional & State competition. Any questions please call me. We will start around 12:30 PM. We would like you to RSVP. Thanks!

This past weekend before I got a chance for a little R & R, we stopped in Indian River where the large crucifix is. What a beautiful site! While I was sitting there in the quiet, I thought, I wonder if Jesus Christ would have said, “Father I don’t want to suffer a brutal death. I don’t want to die on that Cross. Father, the Hell with them!!!!!!!! They SINNED!!!!!!! They did this to themselves.” Where would we be??? What would happen when we die or to our loved ones? Would we ALL BE IN HELL??????? I think it’s funny sometimes when I ask a man to join the Knights, the biggest reason I hear is they don’t have the time. REALLY???? Jesus Christ made time for US. Can’t we give a little service back????? Thursday night, August 8 at 5:45pm the Knights have another 1st Degree. I challenge you to spare a couple hours a month. Please pick up your Cross and follow us. I promise you won’t suffer too much!


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